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How to prepare for your newborn session

Congratulations! You have taken the first step in preserving the most amazing and exhausting moment of you life. Newborn sessions are a unique type of photography. My studio is completely designed around keeping your newborn comfortable and safe during your session. Here's a few tips to prepare you for what is likely your first big outing as a family!

I use the exact same workflow with every newborn that I photograph. Keeping a routine make the posing transitions easier with minimal movement for baby. Once you arrive, I will take baby out of the carrier (assuming they are asleep) and place baby on my poser. This will give them a few moments to adjust to the sounds around my beanbag. Most babies love it - it's a perfectly cozy spot! I usually do 6-7 poses on the beanbag, with accessories added to give as much variety as possible.

After the beanbag we will move to props. I try to select props that will go with colors/styles that parents tell me beforehand that they like. Most of my prop shots your newborn will be wrapped for. This makes this portion of the session move much faster! Newborns love to be wrapped up!

Family and sibling images are last. I do this for a few reasons. It gives you a chance to relax after a long night of newborn feedings. Some parents use this time to do makeup and hair. It works out great! It makes your mornings a little less hectic. I also feel like newborns arrive sleepier than they leave in. Beanbag poses are much harder to do, and you need a sleepy baby to get through them all.

You are going to love these images forever! As a mother of three, trust me, it's worth it to have this done!


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