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10 Things Only the Most Devoted Houston Newborn Photographer Fans Know

Anyone who has been to my studio knows how much I love newborn photography. My clients come prepared for the tedious and lengthy session because they appreciate and love the art that can be created with a sleepy newborn.

  1. Newborn prep prior to your session is so important! All of my clients get a details PDF giving them lots of tips and prep guides to ensure a great session!

  2. I can keep a sleepy newborn asleep during posing; but I can't make an awake newborn sleep! Even newborns have off days and if your newborn isn't having an extra sleepy day - we just reschedule. It doesn't happen very often, but it does happen!

  3. I have the same workflow for every newborn that I photograph - THIS IS KEY! My movements between poses is minimal. It took me years to find a workflow that works best for me and my newborns.

  4. Parents LOVE newborns posed in props but not every prop is for every newborn! This is the exact reason why I photograph props last in my workflow. By the end of the session I will know which prop will work best for your newborn.

  5. FLAT FINGERS! Newborns naturally clinch their fingers tight and that doesn't look great for newborn portraits. I spend A LOT of time during posing getting those tiny fingers flat and relaxed! Of course, having a full belly helps!

  6. My studio is a safe and relaxing place for parents to take a break! While I am photographing your newborn you can catch up on emails or work, relax and watch Netflix or sit and watch me! Either way, enjoy your break!

  7. In order to keep newborns sleepy, I keep my shooting area warm and cozy.

  8. Personal touches are always welcome, but I have a studio FILLED with everything for newborns. All of my props are specially made just for newborn photography. It's not something you can just find in a retail store.

  9. I love what I do!

  10. Newborn photography takes patience! Lots of patience! It's not something you can rush - sometimes I can spend upwards of 15-20 minutes on a single pose but trust me it's always worth it!


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